Sam Hamadani is a Wake County District Court Judge. She was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper.  Of the twenty nominees for the position, Governor Cooper trusted Sam with the job (click here for Governor Cooper's press release).  Sam was successful in the 2018 election to keep her seat as a District Court Judge for District 10-E, Seat 1.  Sam is honored to be recognized as the first Iranian-American judge in North Carolina. 

                                                                                             PHOTO CREDIT: PAAIA

In addition to having the confidence of Governor Cooper, Sam is widely respected by lawyers and other judges. She received the highest number of votes in a Wake County Bar election deciding who should serve Wake County as a District Court Judge. 

Sam has a diverse background.  She worked in Senator Biden's Office (before he served as Vice President of the United States), at the North Carolina Department of Justice, and as a Public Defender. Sam is the daughter of Persian-American parents who immigrated to the United States for a better life.  Through her hard work and with the support of her colleagues, friends, and family, Sam has achieved the American Dream.

Sam is one of four Family Court Judges.  She presides over domestic cases including child support, child custody, divorce, equitable distribution of property, post-separation support, alimony, and domestic violence.  Sam also presides over criminal cases.  

Sam works tirelessly for all people of Wake County.  Thanks to all of the support from her family, her friends, her colleagues, and her community, Sam is proud to continue serving the people of Wake County for the next four years.